Hello! Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics, Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary! We are the Student Support Centre that is a Team of Student Counsellors and Teachers from the Faculty. Shortly said DTK. We are here to support you to explore and follow through  your talents, to help you to successfully reach your academic aims and have a degree in the end of your studies.

You can meet us as early as on the Orientation Day on the registration week where you get to know all the information to start your life in Hungary and ELTE.

Student Counsellors are trained Psychologists and Teacher members of DTK are Mathematical and Computer Science professors of the Faculty of Informatics.

You can reach Student Coussellors and set a One-on-One counselling appointment where you can discuss any topic with a Psychologist in a safe, confidential space. You can get to know more about Counselling here: Online counselling – Student Counselling (elte.hu)

Watch this vieo abou us with Enlgish subtitles or read about us below the video.

We organize the Course of Learning Methodology for BSc Students and the Preparation course for Academic Studies and Developing Learning Skills for MSc Students. The Courses have two parts: a Mentor Class and a Training.

On the Mentor Classes you can talk to a Mentor Teacher and Senior Student about the everyday difficulties of university life, living in Hungary and what the various ways to successfully fulfill the courses’ requirements are.

On the Training you’ll meet a certified Trainer and you can improve yourself and your skills on the field of learning methodology, time-and stress management, project management among other related, interesting topics.

You can meet us outside the Course as well during the semester. You can meet us on the Project Forum where you can get to know the ongoing research projects and you can join these projects afterwards. We can also meet on other workshops, trainings organised by the Student Support Centre, on the English-Hungarian Language Clubs or one of the City Tours of Budapest throughout the academic year.

Our Courses and Programs are available in English to the international students. The Eötvös Informatic Circle (Eötvös Informatikai Kör – EIK) and Computer Geeks Club are here to create a truly good community experience at the Faculty. For more information visit our website dtk.elte.hu.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diaktanacsado/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elteik_diaktanacsado @elteik_diaktanacsado

Prospective Students

We are happy you are considering becoming a Student at the Faculty of Informatics! For information on application and enrollment please contact the Department of Academic and International Relations: Department of Academic and International Relations (elte.hu)

Virtual tour of Eötvös Loránd University: www.elte360.com

Webinarium about the Master Computer Science program at the Faculty of Informatics, ELTE, Hungary, 2021: Info session: Study Computer Science at master level in Budapest – YouTube