Senior Students are upper-year students (first or second year BSc Students and second semester or second year MSc). They are there on the Mentor Class and work together with the Mentor Teacher on the BSc Learning Methodology course and on the Preparation course for master studies and developing learning skills.

They help you with their knowledge aquired arriving to Hungary, getting to know Budapest and starting their university life at the Faculty of Informatics. They are helping hands you can reach out for when you have a question on the Mentor Classes.

What does it mean to be a senior?

Helping freshmen integrate into university life in Mentor Classes starting in the fall alongside a faculty mentor teacher. A senior student is a great help for new students, who can discuss questions and share their experiences.
Seniors participating in the autumn also get a demonstrator contract, so that as a young student you can make the most of your extra responsibilities.

What’s in it for you?

  • Practical experience that can be put to good use in the workplace (as a manager in a company, working in a team)
  • You can be part of helping freshers at university
  • Meet new people and build (professional) relationships
  • You can include it in your CV
  • You get a scholarship

How to become a Senior?

Each academic year, we announce our senior recruitment during the spring semester. To apply, you need to fill in a form, write a motivation letter and produce a motivational video.

You can find the announcement of our current senior recruitment here. The deadline is 20 April 2024.

“Being a student in Hungary taking further studies, the feeling of entering in a new environment can be overwhelming. Everything feels new from the transport system, education system, shopping, language, culture, traditions, holidays, just to mention a few. Adaptation to this new environment may take a long or a short time depending on one’s willingness, internal and external support. Proper counsel and support ease’s the change.

Living in Hungary, balancing the change in environment, and conducting my studies helped me understand the need for mentorship. The experiences I have being mentored and as a mentor created a passion in me to also mentor others. It will be my greatest pleasure to help other students settle in their studies in Hungary and find their way within the country. Being part of the mentor team as a senior student will give me a chance to facilitate and support a smooth transition of incoming students into Hungary.

To future students joining ELTE faculty of informatics, coming to a new place can have uncertainties but am confident that with the help of lecturers, family members, friends, and mentors the change will become easy and more comfortable. I am also more than willing to help you when challenges arise, and your stay here will be awesome.”

Lewis Mjomba, MSc student