I. Content of the course:

The course aims at preparing students for the possible challenges of university life through enhancing individual learning skills, maintaining motivation for studying and developing a problemsolving mindset. During the course students can discover their learning styles and attitudes, they acquire efficient learning methods in order to reveal the most suitable methods for them guranteeing successful academic advencments and the completion of their studies. Our additional goal is building a solid motivational background for the students, a personal connection and interest towards computer science and programming.

II. Course curriculum:

1. Introducing Hungary, the university and the faculty 2. Team building, developing intercultural competence 3. Introducing the Hungarian educational system 4. Learning styles and techinques 5. Career guidance

6. Memory, learning strategies 7. Developing professional and academic identity 8. Time management 9. Presentation skills, career management 10. Stress management

III. Development of competences:

● Attention

● Memory ● Problemsolving ● Personal growth ● Community building; ● Organizing studying processes ● Study groups, learning from each other IV. Method:

The course is held in training blocks throughout the semester enabling efficient soft-skill development, this way the progression of students recieve more individual attention. Participants get to know learning methodological skills through group activities.

IV. Structure of the course:

The course is devided into two parts: § Trainings, where the development of learning and personal life skills takes place through group activities.

§ WEEKLY MENTOR CLASS throughout the study period, where a teacher from the university and a senior student helps the integration into the university life.