• Urgent – Online consultation
    Dear students! As you may know, University buildings are closed from this Monday (5th of December) until the end of February. In this time period
  • Project Forum 2022 – video & infos
    Here you can find a video recording of the Project Forum organised by the Student Support Centre of the ELTE Faculty of Informatics on 11
  • Szentendre Tour
    Come with us for a sightseeing walk to Szentendre, this magical little town near Budapest! Among other things, the town’s artistic heritage and cultural diversity,
  • Project Forum 2022
    Are you interested what kind of research takes place at the Faculty of Informatics? You’d like to discover your options or even join a project?
  • Guided Tour around ELTE Campuses and Beyond
    Take a walk with us around the ELTE campuses of Humanities, Law, Psychology, and Pedagogy on 21th October! We’ll get to know the neighbourhood of
  • The English club is here once again!
    “Learning never exhausts the mind“ – Leonardo da Vinci “We are glad to announce the English Club for opportunities to listen and participate in speaking