Dear Student,

On March 23rd , 2021 a new function of Canvas called Study Coach is available for the first year Students of ELTE Faculty of Informatics. This system is designed to help you as a Student and you will be provided with valuable feedback so that you can track your own progress thorughout the semester successfully. The goal of Study Coach is to help your Mentor Teachers and the Student Counsellors to provide the best help to you in order to achieve study success in your first academic year.

You can find Study Coach in the Canvas menu. You can find colourful trends calculated from your submitted assignments in Canvas when you open it. Trends show you the rate of your assignments you handed in on time during the course of the previous week.  On your home page you see a general trend based on your progress in all your courses. However, if you are curious you can see singular trends for each course as well.

Your trends are visible for your Mentor Teachers who are you Coaches and for the Student Counsellors. This way your Mentor Teachers can provide help in time if some courses seem to be more difficult for you. Besides the Mentor Classes, you can send messages to each other with your Mentor Teacher in Study Coach  and you can also contact the Student Counsellors directly.

You can find a detailed describtion of the Study Coach functions in the following link

If you have any questions or you experience problems how Study Coach works write to the following e-mail address:

Student Counsellors and Mentor Teachers