Dear Student!

Are you interested in cybersecurity, or looking for hacking buddies? Say no more! TThe cybersecurity club of ELTE is finally here! Either you are a freshman or senior student (no matter what is your current year), join us each Tuesday 16.00 for a one hour long session where we discuss everything related to cybersecurity, and organize different stuff. Also consider it as an opportunity to introduce and meet each other!

Please note that the current enrollment phase is only for people who have a certain background in computer science, and don’t need introductory sessions to basic technologies and notions, since we will briefly introduce them while stumbling across something unusual. The main goal of the cybersecurity club is to gather an official CTFs team, that will represent the university in different competitions.

First meeting of the spring semester 2022/2023: 2023. March 14.

You will find the details of the meetings after you complete filling up the form and join our teams group (Will be done by a group moderator) which will take you less than 5 minutes.

In order to help the community grow fast, please share the information with your friends and invite them to come over and discover! We will pop some shells together and organize some very cool stuff!

We will also provide different opportunities and participate in competitions like CTFs and bug bounty collaborations.

Kindly fill up the form beforehand if you’re willing to attend the meeting and be a member, this is for verification purposes. Also, if you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the “additional comments” section, or even write down your ideas and share them with us on the day of the meeting.

Be part of an amazing team and enroll today!

Apply here:

Kind regards,

Khalil Abdellah & Student counsellors

Cybersecurity Club – Tuesdays 16.00