Dear Students, 

we’d like to share some fun activities we found online this week! 

It is a list of things you can participate online for free. There are also countless online platform where the trial period if free of charge.

You may have different interests and you may not enjoy these option. Take this as an inspiration to find something fun, relaxing or even energizing for yourself!

The Student Support Centre operates online. We were live Monday morning on Facebook. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

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“Posting every day what makes you happy also during the distance education ! Use the hashtag #karanténoptimistIK ! #karanténoptimistIK #2020 #elteik #diaktanacsado #quarantineoptimistic

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Student Counsellors

Budapest Festival Orchestra streams concerts in the evenings from time to tim:

MÜPA streams different concerts of various genres from Budapest:


1. Bayerische Staatsoper 
March 28-April 11.

2. Wiener Staatsoper 
April 9th and April 12th, available for 24 hours   

3. Staatsoper Berlin 

April 10th and April 13th, 12:00, available for 24 hours

Physical activity

BEAC offers online sports – you can find the English description on this link below:

Yoga with Adriene has hundreds of yoga session on Youtube. Here is the Home Journey:

Ryan Heffington shares amazing, energizing dance sessions with great music:

Fun activities online