Many of you have experienced the benefits of online education, in which we are almost accustomed to:

  • no need to get up early
  • schedule your time is easier
  • group tasks are also easier to organize
  • more time for cooking, washing and for hobbies
  • no need to travel for the exems
  • no urban public transport issues

In comparison, many changes have taken place since the beginning of this school year. On one hand, the feeling of continuous uncertainty due to COVID issues and:

  • personal presence every other week
  • Much more social interactions
  • Scheduling is not so easy anymore
  • Keep in mind which week is exactly, A or B
  • Altering the two weeks can be tiring
  • A lot of stimuli and attention make you tired by the end of the day
  • Year-end exams are coming, but you have a hard time getting ready for them

All of these feelings are natural and others struggle with them, as well. Since this is the case, it affects everyone now, it’s also important to talk about these so that you can continue to perform in college and feel comfortable at the same time.

But what can we do?

  1. Recognition first, do ask for help!
  2. Use a weekly and monthly planner
  3. Start your projects and learning on time
  4. Charging and sleeping enough are also important
  5. Do some sport during the study sessions, even with friends
  6. Learn with your groupmates and also help each other

+ 1. And if you feel you need individual help, feel free to contact the IK Student Counseling team, who will be happy to help you.

We wish everyone a successful year-end!

ELTE IK Student Counselor

7+1 tipp to survive the end of the semester